• Katie Tovar

The Best Bridal Team in Town

Our first couple was Tazjanique and Ivan. I’ve worked with Tazjanique before, and this girl is going places! She is a model and has come so far in such a short amount of time while staying so sweet and humble. She was also part of New York Fashion Week! She got to be the lucky one to wear the fur coat and looked amazing! I chose to use golds and deep browns on her eyes with a neutral lip that could pass as a bold daytime look.

Second we had Molly and Josh. They are such a cute couple and each photo captures them making each other laugh. Molly’s outfit was a striped blazer paired with black pants and red shoes. I chose to stick with a neutral eye and a bold lip to match the simplistic yet sophisticated look while adding a pop of color.

Our third couple was Wambui and Quintin. Wambui is a traveling nurse that doesn’t wear a lot of makeup.  I wanted to make sure her beautiful features were shown without feeling like she was wearing too much. Her outfit was all blue so I didn’t want to add too much color to her makeup. I decided to use silver, browns, and black paired with a light pink lip to create an elegant and fun look that went with her sense of humor. When she was done getting ready she turned to Reyunna, her hairstylist, and me to ask if we could just drive to her house every day and get her ready. Girl, I would if I could. I would if I could.

The fourth couple was Maddie and Josh. Maddie is Molly’s sister and they are both natural beauties! She wore a red polkadot dress that made me think of a cute, but bold personality of a girl that knows what she wants. I wanted her makeup to be cute and fun, but show a side of sass and fearlessness. I chose to do a similar look as her sister’s with a neutral eye and red lip. I went a little bit heavier with her eyeshadow so her eyes would stand out among all the red.

Our last couple was Melissa and Derrick. They were such a funny and sweet couple to work with. Melissa’s outfit was a bright pink patterened dress, and she preferred more of a natural look so we stuck with more neutrals and light lips. I didn’t want to add a lot of color because the dress made a statement on its own. They were celebrating their anniversary so I wanted to make sure she was comfortable in these photos, and didn't feel too overwhelmed with color.

I couldn’t have asked for a better team to work with on these shoots. Everyone worked so hard to make this marathon weekend come together. Thank you all so much for your hard work. It was tiring, fun, and most of all encouraging! I hope to continue working with all of you!

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